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PostSubject: Splinter_Cell_Conviction_Rip_JokeMate   Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:51 pm

Hi i downloaded Splinter_Cell_Conviction_Rip_JokeMate from pirate bay
and it doesn't work properly
a few flashes to get to the main menu and then when im there theres no words to navigate, textures are gone and many glitches just to play the game then when i get there its all the same,
sam fisher isnt there half the time, i cant see the enemies and walls etc
was this game a poor rip ? - i also know that as soon as the leachers got 100% that he deleted all his torrents on piratebay

the update of 1.02 doesn't work also error comes up as - localization , catastrophic failure

my pc
8400 duo
5770 radeon

Whats the solution ?

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