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The Hell And Heaven Bows Towards Gaming
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 JokeMate - The God Of War

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˙·•●Ťℋ乇 ĞŐÐ ŐŦ ŴÁℛ●٠˙
˙·•●Ťℋ乇 ĞŐÐ ŐŦ ŴÁℛ●٠˙

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PostSubject: JokeMate - The God Of War   Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:58 pm

Name :: Joker

Nick Name :: The Clown Prince

Profession :: RIP Games

Where Do You Stay :: Arkham Asylum

Your PC's Configuration:: Quadra Core Processor affraid
XP Sp3
Logitech Joypad
Gamers Cabinet
2 GB RaM
Nvidia 9400 gt

Interests :: Programming , Gaming , RIPPING.

Punch Line :: My Way Is Not BANG ! BANG ! BOOM!

Certificates :: Nothing

Website ::

About Yourself :: Clowns have Their Own Plans...
But Problem With Clown Is When You Take Them To
An Insane Asylum , You Are Just Taking Him HOME!

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JokeMate - The God Of War
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