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 Battlefield Bad Company 2 - RELOADED

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PostSubject: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - RELOADED   Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:13 pm

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - RELOADED

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will deliver destruction, vehicular warfare, squad play and open world environments in a modern warfare action game.


Gameplay in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 resembles that of the original and is set in various environments from around the world, including the mountainous regions along the borders of Russia.[8] Like its predecessor, Bad Company 2 features destructible environments. The system is dubbed "Destruction 2.0," and the level of destruction is extended — players can now completely collapse a building as opposed to only blowing out walls.[9] Along with Battlefield Vietnam, Bad Company 2 is one of only two games in the Battlefield series to have blood[10] without third-party modification. There will be new vehicles in Bad Company 2, such as the UH-60, a quad bike, a two-man patrol boat, a personal watercraft, an AA-gun mounted on a light tank, and a UAV helicopter controlled via computer.[11]


The single player campaign has 11 missions, and features the same characters from the first game. The game's prologue, as revealed through an ESRB rating explanation, takes place on an "unnamed Japanese island in the Pacific" during World War II.[12] The prologue introduces the player to a secret weapon with incredible power, which drives the campaign, and has Bad Company move along the west coast of North and South America. The campaign will feature jungles in South America to snow-capped mountains in Alaska.

The first Bad Company game ended with the main characters driving off with a truck full of gold; however, they lose their gold and end up back under Army Command, though, how this actually happens is a well-kept secret by DICE. The player controls Preston Marlowe who is part of B-Company squad, a group of misfits and Army rejects. The campaign is said to be more linear than the first, which often consisted of vast areas with only a start point and an endpoint, and a variety of ways to get between the two. The more linear style allows the player to experience more scripted and exciting missions, but still gives the player a choice in how to approach situations.
[edit] Multiplayer

The "Gold Rush" mode in the original Bad Company is referred to simply as "Rush" in Bad Company 2. The format is similar in that an attacking team must detonate explosives on a defending team's crates. The attacking team succeeds by eliminating all the crates on the map, and the defending team succeeds if the attackers are not able to eliminate the crates in the active area before their tickets are depleted. Making use of the Destruction 2.0 system, it is also possible to eliminate some of the crates by collapsing the building they are in on top of them. A smaller scale mode called "Squad Rush" was confirmed that has only two opposing teams of four players battle against each other with one existing crate stash.[13]

Multiplayer will allow players to choose from a set of weapon kits before each spawn, the number of which has been further reduced from Bad Company's five down to four: Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Medic (with the Specialist kit being the one removed). In addition to the hand grenades and sidearms standard for all classes, each class also has an initial primary weapon and a pair of gadgets unique to that class. A customizable weapon selection menu is also new to the Bad Company series (similar to unlocks in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142). Gaining experience points allows a player to unlock and use different weapons and gadgets, some only usable by a given class and some available to any class that player uses. There are also unlockable items that can modify the game's firearms, such as ACOGs, reflex sights, and under-barrel launchers, which can fire 40mm grenades, smoke grenades, or shotgun shell-style canisters.

The experience points used to unlock the above items will be awarded for performing actions conducive to the goals of the player's team, such as eliminating enemy players, healing teammates, or capturing or defending points of interest. Bonuses to the base number of points can be awarded under certain circumstances (such as achieving a headshot in the process of eliminating an enemy player). A dog tag system as seen in Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield: Bad Company returns, awarding players trophies of sorts in the form of opponents' dog tags when they defeat the opponent with a melee attack.



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Battlefield Bad Company 2 - RELOADED
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